Write Before Thinking


The Experiment

Yesterday I spent more time writing than I did speaking to my wife. And because my mind has the annoying habit of going into overdrive as soon as my head hits the pillow, I got zilch for sleep. Now my eyelids are twitching, and despite the fact that I should be working on things I’m actually getting paid for, here I am writing to an audience that may or may not exist. But that’s how I am with writing– either all in or all out.

For the last year and change I’ve been working on a manuscript about a rundown trailer park and the residents who call it home. Right now I’ve just started working on the third revision, which, until recently, I wasn’t too thrilled about. I wasn’t sure if I had another major rewrite in me. I was getting sick of Trailer Trashand my characters. Worse, I was getting bored with their story. It wasn’t that I was finding it more difficult to write. Rather, I was finding it borderline impossible to tap into the emotion and passion that made my characters tick. At the end of each writing session I’d look at my screen in disgust as I read the crap and clichés I’d just puked out.

I was ready to move on. Of course, I knew I couldn’t.

I decided to reduce Trailer Trash to its most basic elements. Instead of telling the story from multiple POVs, I would focus instead on the two characters I enjoyed writing the most: Will and Liz. And because I knew my motivation was seriously lacking and my interest pretty much non-existent, I decided that I would serialize Trailer Trash and tell their stories simultaneously via two separate blogs. My thought being that doing so would not only force me to write, it would force me to write well.

Each day Each week (if I can’t shake this annoying burst of productivity) Wreck My Life  and The Life of Liz  will tell one chapter of their respective stories. And if I did my job, as you read them you will forget that I am the one behind their words.


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