Write Before Thinking


Pardon the Enthusiasm

When I like doing something, I have a tendency to go slightly overboard. Some who know me would say I’m compulsive, though I prefer enthusiastic. It feels better.

A few years ago I made the mistake of buying a road bike. Now, come summer that’s all I want to do. My wife fears that before too long I’ll be shaving my legs so I can be more “aero”. Though, I’ve assured her that will never happen. I can’t afford that many razor blades.So, it came as no surprise to my wife when I told her that I wasn’t just starting one blog, but four.Write Before Thinking, The Corporate Elevator, Wreck My Life, The Life of Liz – four different Blogs written as four completely different people. On any given day my attitudes towards each varies. Because where my mood goes, so does my writing. I guess you could call it method writing.Today, I’m finding it easy to be me. Some days I don’t. And because I spent nearly two hours mired in traffic, I’m finding the condescension and arrogance of “Mr. Ross” to come quite easily, if not naturally. Lately, I’ve been in too good of a mood to write “Liz”. And at this stage in his story, Will doesn’t emerge unless I’m feeling truly pissed or cynical or depressed.Some writers are able to fabricate their stories from nothing but an idea. I find that my stories and their characters are born from not just ideas, but experiences as well. Mr. Ross, the “author” of The Corporate Elevator embodies all that I hate about corporate America and the pursuit of power. Trailer Trash pulls together my experiences living in a rundown trailer park and the imagined lives of those who lived there. Will represents the frustrations of a generation confronted with unmet expectations, unquenched idealism and unrelenting cynicism. And Liz is…well, Liz is just Liz. She’s not fully fleshed out yet, but I think she could turn out to be the most flawed of all my characters.

And while attempting to accurately and convincingly bring these characters to life has been a challenge, I’ve found that with each passing day they are slowly but surely finding their voices. We’re growing together — me as a writer, they as characters — and that’s what makes the process of writing worth it. Because surprising as it may be, I don’t like to write.


But the finished product keeps me going.


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