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Making it up as I go

Some writers do the outline thing. I don’t, though I probably should. At best, I’ll have a good idea of what I’m about to write.  Usually, I only know the first paragraph. From there I make it up as I go. Case in point: Chapter Ten of Wreck My Life. Jen didn’t exist until she stopped by Will’s cubicle. I had zero intention of having anyone that could be a positive influence in his life enter the story. And up until Jen entered the picture, it was Liz who represented all that was optimistic and good. Now she’s morphed into someone completely different.

The great thing is that up until now Trailer Trash, and more importantly Liz, was boring me. I was struggling to find even the slightest motivation to write her part of the story. Now, not only do I find myself with renewed interest in my own story, I find that I have a better idea of Trailer Trash’s story arc.

A more efficient writer might have done things differently. In fact, most would say I should have had this figured out before I even started my first draft. But you know what? What I enjoy about writing is that I don’t know what is around the next page. Sure, to some extent it pisses me off that it’s taken until my third draft to come up with a story arc I’m happy with. But that doesn’t mean I’ll start outlining anytime soon. That’d be too damn smart.


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  1. Liberal Hippy says:

    I like your style.

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