Write Before Thinking


Chapter Twelve and the Week in Review

I spent much of the week working on chapter twelve of Wreck My Life. Actually, I probably didn’t spend enough time working on it. I’ve reached the dreaded middle. Will’s story is starting to calm down, though I think his normalcy will serve to highlight Liz’s downward spiral. I should be posting Liz’s next chapter sooner than later.

G. Glen has decided to accept questions from his readers. I’m also thinking he needs a linkedin profile. Monday’s post was how humility has no place in the workplace. I thought it was funny. Though, there are a few people who are taking Mr. Ross seriously. I don’t know what to be more concerned about: that maybe I’m not as humorous as I think I am, or that there are those who think people like G. Glen actually exist. Maybe I should be concerned about both.


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