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Important days in my life:

1) September 22, 1985. The day I got my library card

2) July 11, 1988. Winning a participant ribbon in the 400 meter dash at the Hershey Track meet

3) April 21, 2008 My blog hit 1000 page views.

I deserve a Diet Pepsi and a Bit-O-Honey.


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  1. pawsinsd says:

    October, 1965, when I used my library card to get Betty Crocker’s Boys and Girls Cookbook and kept it three weeks, then the library called Mom and said she owed 33 cents in overdue fees. We brought the book back and she got it for my birthday, starting a lifelong love of cooking.

    October 2001 when everyone else was talking 9/11 and I was stuck in Europe unable to fly home. He opened the car door for me and took my hand and I knew it was forever (7-year anniversary coming up)

    June, 2008, Jim created my WP blog. I now have over 21K hits and though I don’t make a nickel it’s a worthwhile investment of my time.

    Always: I’ve got my husband and a great dog, wonderful place to live and all my English teachers (Aunts included) would cry if they knew I regularly wrote more than 500 words a day — voluntarily!

    Thanks for your blog – it showed up on mine. dee@cookingwithdee.net

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