Write Before Thinking


And it seems like such a simple concept

“A bad advertising idea is something that underestimates the consumer’s intelligence – and something that makes you want to destroy all evidence of having had anything to do with it.”

– Ravi Deshpande was recently honored as one of the six living legends of Indian advertising in the last fifty years (source: Archive Magazine)

The Egotist posted that quote yesterday. I’m sure none of us have ever had bad ideas. Nope, it was the damn client who forced us into bad ideas. And we needed the money. Or were too tired to care. Or just wanted to move on to the next project. But it was never our fault. After all, it’s physiologically impossible for our brains to form bad ideas.

Most of the time.


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  1. Liberal Hippy says:

    I’m not sure any idea that I ever had, that was actually produced, is – in the end – still my idea. Therefor, it’s technically impossible to have bad ideas, because if it happens to make it down from the top of the flagpole, it’s got more than one persons fingerprints on it.

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