Write Before Thinking


Proof that consumers are intelligent.

Oh holy awesome, the Hydrox is back (if you don’t know what I’m talking about that’s probably because your family could afford Oreos). “In response to a consumer campaign that involved 1,300 phone calls, 1,000 petition signatures, and ‘countless online message board postings,'” Kellogg is bringing back the 100-year-old cookie brand.

I’ll be the first to admit that I never knew the brand had been pulled. After OD’ing on Hydroxes as a kid, I suppose my taste for them had been tempered. But like a Little Debby Swiss Cake Roll or a Hostess Fruit Pie, the Hydrox is a delicious time machine that instantly takes me back to at least 1985 and the memories of school lunches, days at the beach, long ass road trips and wasted afternoons spent watching GI Joe, Duck Tales and the Rescue Rangers.

At the time my brother and I would get pissed when Mom brought home the cheap Oreo knock-offs, “God Mom, what are we, poor,” but we were just two spoiled brats who didn’t appreciate how hard she was working to simply afford groceries, let alone cookies. Only when I grew up and found myself living payheck to paycheck did I understand and appreciate the luxury of adding the occasional indulgence to a grocery cart full of necessities. Only then did I realize how expensive and stupid it was to go brand name and nothing else.

So, thank you Kellogg for bringing back the working man’s Oreo, even if it is only for a limited time.


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