Write Before Thinking


Things I’ll say when I’m boss.

1. Can I see you in my office?

2. Do you have a sec?

3. So…(followed by dramatic pause).

4. As you know things have been a bit tight around here.

5. I read an interesting article about surviving a layoff.

6. Oh, I didn’t know you still worked here.

7. Remind me of your name once again.

8. Hell, sometimes I forget I have kids.

9. I need you to take the fall on this one.

10. Mind if I use your computer? I need to look something up real quick.

11. I haven’t been, but they say everyone gets fired at least once.

12. I don’t know, I guess I never understood the whole “vacation” thing. (The word “vacation” will be accompanied by an exaggerated use of the finger quote motion).

13. What’s the ROI?


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