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Vacation and Minnesota are not words one would typically put in the same sentence. At least not without adding a “leaving” somewhere before Minnesota. However, the land of 10,000 lakes was where I spent the last week. Of course I had an excuse because my folks live there.

Without boring you with the details of the vacation I’ll simply mention three valuable lessons that I learned.

1. Driving across Nebraska is not nearly as bad as driving across eastern Colorado. In fact, I think I owe them an apology.  So here it is. Nebraska, I’m sorry. Your incredibly straight interstate system makes up for the feed-lot smell, Kearny and Cornhusker fans.

2. Installing a vinyard – regardless of its size – is really hard work. My vacation consisted of spending five days building and installing a three-row vinyard at my folks house. Why five days? Because my brother insisted on going commercial grade with the thing. If you’ve never had the pleasure of using a two-person auger or sod-cutter you’re missing out.

3. There are many reasons Chuck Palahniuk is my favorite author- Snuff is the latest one. A great example of how to use 1st person POV to tell the same story through the eyes of multiple characters.



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