Write Before Thinking


What’s your potential?

God knows how many times I’ve asked myself that question. I think the last time was last night at about 11:30. I was in the middle of revising the latest chapter to Wreck My Life and simultaneously cursing myself for being a hack and grousing over the latest setback to befall another project that I’ve been working on for over a year. Not a good place to be in when you don’t have a beer or bottle of red readily available.

Anyway, while settling into my daily Internet routine I came across the following post on Zen Habits. While I normally don’t dig the self-help thing (seems like a lot of clever writers using clever marketing to sell to the impressionable masses) this post actually made sense.

From ZenHabits.net

7 Essentials for Living Your Fullest Potential (the Cliff Notes Version)

1. Have an open mind.

2. Seek out new perspectives and contexts.

3. Ask for what you want.

4. Help other people succeed.

5. Think different.

6. Work smart, not hard.

7. Change your auto-response.


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One Response

  1. Liberal Hippy says:

    #7 = Hard to do.

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