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The Musical Tastes of Mr. Ross

G. Glen received an email from a fan who wanted to know who his favorite musicians were. Here is his answer.

A Miss Jacobsen asks:

I would truly like to know about the music you enjoy. Please be specific; artists as well as favorite songs. Your answers will determine any future correspondence.

Thank you for your question, Ms. Jacobsen, one’s choice in music reflects much of their character – though I must say I do not appreciate the “or else” overtones which punctuate your inquiry.

Asking me who my favorite artists are is like asking me to choose my favorite sailboat or luxury automobile – impossible. For you see every moment has its soundtrack.

Would I chose Jimmy Buffet while reading the latest Financial Times? No, but put me on the deck of my 1952 43′ Abeking and Rasmussen Yawl and you’ll find yourself one happy Son of a Sailor. Though nothing gets me ready for a little corporate warfare like Prokofiev’s Romeo and Juliet. I find the strings to be inspiring. No doubt you would agree.

Other artists worthy of my affection include The Chairman of the Board and his rousing Luck be a Lady (among many, many others), Phil Collin’s, In the Air Tonight and anything that comes from the mouths of Bruce Springsteen or Billy Joel.

G. Glen Ross


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