Write Before Thinking


One year later.

October 10th marks an anniversary I’d rather not celebrate, yet it is a day I will always remember. It was one year ago Friday that my mom died. It was one year ago Friday that the world lost one of the good people.

Much life has happened since her death. I got a new job, my wife and I bought our first house, we adopted a dog. I wished she was able to celebrate these successes with me. I wish that she was able to celebrate those milestones yet to occur.

Much of my writing focuses on the darker themes of life. Loss, regret, remorse, and anger play central characters in my work and it would be easy to look at certain events that have happened in my life as reasons for focusing on such dismal topics. However, central to each story is a glint of hope and a shred of optimism. There may not be the happy ending readers are looking for, but it is not too hard to imagine that happy ending occurring. Because while I might find stories in despair, I find inspiration in the redemption that comes from living through such trials. Mom taught me that.

She died on October 10th and was born on October 28th, and to celebrate her life my family and I mark the 18 days between the two dates with our own celebration: Molly Gras. She was a woman who loved life and attacked it with enthusiasm, passion and optimism. She pushed beyond her comfort zone and inspired others to do the same. And in the end, she left those lucky enough to share in her life better people for it.

I love ya ma.


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