Write Before Thinking


It’s there, I just can’t reach it.

So in an attempt to get motivated and finish Wreck My Life I set a completion date of Jan 1, 2009 as a deadline. A month ago, when I made the damn thing, I would have said “no problem, I’ll finish by then for sure.” Now I’m not so sure.

But this time it’s not a rut that’s holding me back. It’s apathy. Big-time, weapons grade apathy. And while this would suck on any other occasion, it really sucks now because I’m so close to the end. Yet despite it being right in front of me, I still can’t find the motivation to finish. I’m stuck not because I don’t know where the story will go, but rather because I don’t want to make the same mistake I did on earlier drafts – I don’t want to rush things.

So I’m not doing anything.

Makes a ton of sense, doesn’t it?


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