Write Before Thinking


Effing Twitter

I haven’t written much lately. Actually, I need to qualify that statement: I haven’t done much recreational writing lately. I have been busy with my freelance work (which is nice), but the output of work otherwise has been nil. I’m not sure why I’ve let this happen, though I suspect spring, a crazy schedule and boredom have something to do with it.

But mostly I blame Twitter.

Why? Because rather than post interesting links and random insights here, I’m posting them to that little bastard of a distraction. I know the smart thing to do would be to post here and direct traffic here via Twitter, but Twitter just makes it too easy. And the fact that I can only use 140 characters is great considering how much I hate typing.

Perhaps I need to re-evaluate the purpose of this blog. Since I’ve got WordFarm I don’t neccesarily need it for networking. And as much as I appreciated folks reading my serialization of Wreck My Life, writing by committee works better in theory. So, that leaves me with blogging about the family, pop culture, or random shit I think you want to read about – none of which are great options.

Back to the networking aspect would be the smart option, I suppose. Of course the question is: with so many opinions and blogs out there, what the hell makes me think anyone would want to read mine?


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