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Arcade Fire and Resonance

I have little to say about Arcade Fire’s latest video that hasn’t already been said. I’ll just add that I haven’t seen a video this impactful since Pearl Jam’s, Jeremy. Watch it and enjoy. Unless you hated your childhood, there’s no way you will not be moved.


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The ads made me do it

To quote a new poll conducted by Harris Interactive: 66% of Americans believe that theĀ  advertising industry is partially to blame for the current economic crisis because they caused people to buy things they couldn’t afford. 33% believe that they have a complete or great deal of responsibility. At the same time, 54% of respondents said friends and family were not responsible for causing Americans to buy things they couldn’t afford.

I never knew advertising was that powerful.

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Shout out

The fine folks over at my new favorite ad blog, AdPulp, just posted some of my work. No, I didn’t pay them off.

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Stella Artois – Smooth Originals

Interesting new viral campaign for Stella Artois in which modern films and TV shows are re-imagined in the 60’s French style. (via Notcot.org)

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The greatest motivational poster ever?

Yes. (From the BBC)

British propoganda poster from WWII

British propoganda poster from WWII

Buy it here.

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