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Patrick Cowan




0-11: Professional Kid

Full-time gig. I lived with my parents.

11-12: Newspaper Deliverer

Took the job because I wanted a new bike. Quit soon after because of face lacerations incurred during nasty ice storm.

12-13: Ball Shagger

Free golf was worth the 5-mile walk to work.

13-14: Newspaper Stuffer

Knowing the delivery bit was not for me, I accepted the pay-cut and hostile cross-town co-workers because I was still bikeless.

14-15: Dish Washer

Screw the bike, I now needed gas money to drive my dad’s 1986 royal blue Nissan pick-up around town.

15-16: Ticket Ripper

One day I decided dressing like a penguin, ripping little pieces of paper in half, and filling paper buckets with popcorn would be cool.

16-17: Burger Flipper

To this day, my decision to work at McDonald’s (which honest to God started as a joke) is one of the best conversation starters I have.

17-18: Gas Pumper

Saved enough money to buy a new shotgun, to be used in conjunction with a variety of insulated mugs I accumulated while working at Texaco.

18: Ranch Hand

Played with cows and drove a tractor around for 13-hours a day. Fun Job.

18-19: Brand Representative

Abercrombie & Fitch. (Touchy subject- don’t ask.)

19: Server

Old Chicago. Left after making personal vow never to wait another table.

20-21: Mid-College Crisis

Needed a break. Took off for Patagonia, Chile on a 4-month backpacking and kayaking excursion.

21-22: Server

Old Chicago. What? I was broke.

22-24: Brand Assistant

The Schwan Food Company. Discovered that I had a passion for both brand management and high-quality, sensible meal solutions.

24-28: Raft Guide 

Two years in brand management and full-time portfolio school led to a mushy brain and an unhealthy pallor.  Reclaimed sanity and glowing tan by pushing tourists down the Colorado River. Original plan was to only raft one season. Somehow that turned into four. Supplemented income by moonlighting as the company’s marketing manager. And waiting tables. Again.

29-?: Copywriter

Determined that my dazzling wit and marketing genius led to compelling copy and strategic brand plans – not generous tips from rafting customers.



Brainco: Minneapolis School of Advertising

University of Minnesota- Twin Cities (B.A. Journalism)



Ad2 Denver, Membership Co-chair, Board member

The New Denver Ad Club


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